Hemp Twineballs


100% Hemp Twine Balls! If you want to make hemp jewelry, then this is the twine for you. These dyed hemp twines add color to the mix and create the most beautiful jewelry and bracelets. The strength of hemp along with its smooth texture makes beading a breeze. This twine looks and feels great against the skin. The color will not rub off, even if it is worn in the shower.

The most frequent uses of hemp twine is knotting through the practice of macramé to create hemp jewelry. Hemp jewelry includes bracelets, necklaces, anklets, rings, watches and other adornments. It may be used for other numerous applications such a clothes line, binding parcels, nets, whipping the end of a rope, crafts, toys for pets, tethering a kite, netting for a basketball hoop or a hockey goal.

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Luxurman Ladies Diamond Watch

luxurman watches

This Luxurman Ladies Diamond Watch showcases 3 carats of white sparkling diamonds a white face paved in sparkling white stones with three subdials, a silver stainless steel case and a polished silver stainless band. This Ladies diamond Luxurman wrist watch houses a fine Japan-made quartz movement, and is conveniently water-resistant.

Plush Scrappy Dogs

scrappy dogs

These plush Scrappy Dogs will be a great gift for a friend or family member with a new baby. Scrappy Dogs are made from 100% Egyptian organic cotton scraps left over from clothing production. 10″ long.