Stop Snoring


Most people snore occasionally. Although snoring is often treated as a joke, snoring is not funny for the 41% of men and 28% of women, and their spouses. The figure rises with age, placing a heavy strain on both health, and relationships, with the resultant tiredness believed to be a key factor in many major accidents.

TheraSnore can help you stop the snoring. The NHS has been using TheraSnore in many of its hospitals and clinics throughout the UK, there is no better stop snoring mouthguard available on the market. Classified as a Class 1 medical device supported by its own clinical trials TheraSnore has been proven to be highly effective in the treatment of snoring and mild sleep apnoea.


Must have for babies


Swaddling isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Do you live in a hot climate? Do you have a particularly wiggly baby? Would you like to be able to safely use a swing or bouncy seat? Do you have a favorite blanket you’d love to use, but baby just refuses to stay wrapped in it? Does your baby need to be swaddled past the itty-bitty size and can’t find one big enough? Find a SwaddleBuddy that is perfect for your baby.